Dept. of Medical Non-Commissioned officer

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Faculty of Health Science
Dept. of Medical Non-Commissioned officer

In response to the military's demand for medical professional personnel who has professional medical knowledge and practical work, it aims to train medical Non-Commissioned officer who combines medical theory and practical affairs necessary for performing duties as a professional soldier.

Obtainable certificates

  • Second-degree of emergency medical technician
  • Assistant nurse
  • Water Lifeguard, Water lifeguard instructor
  • Restricted wireless carrier
  • General Instructor of the Korea Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Association
  • General first aid instructor and Professional first aid instructor
  • BLS-Provider, BLS-Instructor
  • NDLS(National Disaster Life Support) : BDLS(Basic Disaster Life Support), ADLS(Advance Disaster Life Support), NDLS-Instructor

The field of business/employment

Medical/general non-commissioned officers, commissioned officers (general, functional) after transferring to the 3rd Military Academy, working at a hospital (acquired second-degree of emergency medical technician, assistant nurse), emergency patient transfer companies (acquired second-degree of emergency medical technician), and other public officials related EMT

Qualifications for application

Korean nationality only (conducting interviews and fitness assessments)

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