Dept. of Disaster and Construction Safety Management

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Faculty of Health Science
Dept. of Disaster and Construction Safety Management

The Department of Disaster and Construction Safety Management is the first department established by the government to analyze and develop firefighting and disaster prevention safety technologies to train professionals and civil servants who can play a major role in disaster prevention, construction and facility safety. In particular, it is specialized in training professionals in the fields of fire safety and construction (ground) prevention.

Obtainable certificate

  • Firefighting equipment industrial engineer (Electrical/Mechanical)
  • Industrial Safety Industrial Engineer
  • Construction Safety Industrial Engineer
  • Civil Engineering Engineer
  • Dangerous Goods Industrial Engineer
  • Gas Industrial Engineer
  • Fire Safety Educator
  • Crisis management officer
  • Corporate disaster manager
  • Disaster safety instructor

The field of business/employment

  • Design, construction, supervision, management company related to disaster and construction fire prevention
  • Research institutes for construction industry safety, firefighting and disaster prevention
  • Major companies (construction safety management, industrial safety management department)
  • The companies related disaster management and fire prevention hazardous substances
  • Facility safety management agency
  • Insurance company
  • Public officials (fire-fighter(executive), disaster prevention   safety, facilities (civil/architecture)
  • safety, information industry safety)
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