Organization Chart

Audit and Inspection Team
The Board of Trustees of the University Academic Affairs Committee
Faculty Meeting University Development Committee
Institutional Bioethics CommitteeLeaders in INdustry-university Cooperation 3.0
University Headquarters
Planning & Coordination Group
  • Planning Team
  • Human Resources Team
  • University Evaluation and Certification Center
  • Information Technology Team
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Academic Team
  • Bachelor's degree Center
  • Vocational Education Innovation Center
  • Field Practice Support Center
Office of Student Affaris & Employment
  • Students Support Team
    • Health Management Office
  • Job & Start-up and External Cooperation Center
  • Field Practice Support Team
  • Volunteer & Disabled Student Support Center
  • Reserve Battalion
Office of Admission
  • Admission Team
  • PR Center
Office of Secretariat
  • General Affairs Team
  • Facilities Management Team
  • Dormitory
News station
Auxiliary Education Facilities
Scholarly Information Hall
  • Library
  • College Archives
Cyber Continuing Education Center
  • Education Support Team
Office of International Affairs
Complaints Counseling Center
Industry-College Cooperation Group
Industrial Planning Team
Small Business Industry-Academic Cooperation Center
Business incubation center
Health and Safety Education Center
Medical Simulation Center
HRD Cluster
Training Operation Support Team
Training Performance Management Team
Health. Medical 3D Center
Consignment Agency
Sejong City Children's Meal Support and Service Center Go site
College startup
RHEE-AN Nursing Home
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