Dept. of Forensic Science

과학수사(학)과 안내 이미지
Faculty of Health Science
Dept. of Forensic Science

Dept. of Forensic Science is the study and learning of systematic and rational investigation techniques that protect the human rights of the people by revealing the actual truth of the case using forensic techniques based on law.

Obtainable certificates

  • Road Traffic Accident Inspector
  • Fire inspector
  • Underwriter
  • Cyber Forensics Investigation Specialist
  • Hypnosis psychologist
  • Korean Fire Investigator
  • Private investigator
  • Digital Video Specialist
  • Dangerous Goods Technicians and Engineers
  • Gunpowder handling technician and engineer

The field of business/employment

  • Military police (scientific investigation part)
  • The National Police Agency (scientific investigation part)
  • National Forensic Service
  • Prosecutor's Office Scientific (scientific investigation part)
  • Criminal investigation in the enterprise
  • Insurance company (investigation part)
  • Appraisal business related to forensic science (genes, documents, videos, traffic accidents, etc)
  • Investigation related civilian crime
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