Dept. of Food and Nutrition

식품영양(학)과 안내 이미지
Faculty of Health and Medical Service I
Dept. of Food and Nutrition

The department aims at nurturing excellent human resources who seek safe food lives, upgrade health and quality of lives and play a crucial role in national organizations, schools and hospitals.

Obtainable certificates

  • Dietitian
  • hygienist
  • health educator
  • Food Sanitation Manager
  • cook

The field of business/employment

  • Dietitian
    • School meals, industrial enterprises, hospitals, social welfare and infant care facilities, health counseling and nutrition information centers, entrusted meals and restaurant industries, military, etc.
  • Public officer
    • Nutrition teachers, education offices, health centers, living instructors.
  • Food Sanitation Manager
    • Food companies, research institutes
  • Health education instructors, cooking instructors, etc.
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