Dept. of Nursing

간호학과 안내 이미지
Faculty of Nursing
Dept. of Nursing

Nurses of international standards that can provide the public with medical care to support treatments and promote health are developed through scientific knowledge in nursing and an understanding of the sanctity of life.

Obtainable certificate

  • Registered nurse
  • Health teacher qualification (when completing teaching course)
  • Health educator
  • BLS Provider

The field of business/employment

  • Clinical nurse
    • hospital, clinic, general hospital, etc.
  • Public official
    • public health, nursing, fire-fighting
  • Industrial nurse
  • Health teacher (elementary, middle and high school)
  • Midwifery
  • Opening a nursing home for the elderly
  • Overseas employment
  • Specialized nurse
    • home care/elderly/tumor/critical care/ hospice/infection management/anesthesia/health/industry/emergency/mental/clinical/ pediatric, etc.
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