President's Greeting

There are people who are dedicated for our health and happiness.

Daejeon Health Institute of Technology

Byung-ki Lee
President, Daejeon Health Institute of Technology

The world now demands a new order of civilization, new technologies, and new generations.

As a college that raises wholesome leaders that creates a beautiful world into the new order of civilization, HIT has spent the last 40 or so years delivering top-of-the-line specialists in the health industry with a view to respecting life and promoting health. By forming a solid basis for fulfilling the dreams and visions of the leaders of the 21st century through projects for innovating educational services focused on hands-on skills, obtaining research competitiveness in the global era, and strengthening job competitiveness, HIT is soaring prestigious school that goes beyond the national standard but rather a global standard. HIT is demonstrating its dazzling competence as a powerful college that leads the era of no-holds-barred competition, a college that does not settle for where it is and keeps moving forward, and a college that is dedicated to human health and happiness.

HIT is putting in its best effort to ensure that students are reborn as top-tier specialists in the industry. Moreover, 70,000 or so HIT alumni who are working as brilliant staff members for nationwide healthcare facilities and other various industries are fully prepared to lead and support their junior graduates of HIT.

Enjoying the sophisticated educational infrastructure that satisfied global standard, the best faculty in different specialties does its best to make sure that enrolled students are reborn as Korea's best specialists in the health industry. HIT is a hall of hope and intelligence that wings the limitless possibility and hope of youths which are open-ended like a question mark and imprint in it an exclamation mark for future success and confidence. A healthy root pushes forth healthy leaves and flowers. Please give the best possible chance to your healthy dream and beautiful future at HIT, which has taken healthy and beautiful roots for last 40 or so years as a prestigious private college.

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