Dept. of Medical administration and Information

의무행정정보(학)과 안내 이미지
Faculty of Health and Medical Service II
Dept. of Medical administration and Information

The goal is to educate students with health care professional in the field of medical records, hospital administration and administrative affairs, health insurance, and medical information.

Obtainable certificates

  • Health and Medical Information Manager (License)
  • Hospital administrators, health insurers, insurance assessors, medical information managers, medical coordinators, international computer IT certificates (ICDL) (Certificates)

The field of business/employment

  • Healthcare facility
    • General hospitals, medical records and information departments, administrative departments, insurance review claims departments, medical coordinators
  • Public institution
    • Central government and local governments (health officials), National Health Insurance Corporation, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, Statistics Korea, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer Registration Headquarters, Regional Cancer Registration Center, Military Manpower
  • Private Enterprises and IT company
    • Life and damage insurance department of insurance company, hospital homepage manufacturer, hospital information system developer
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