Dept. of Integrated Arts and Sports

통합예술체육과 안내 이미지
Faculty of Business and Fine Art
Dept. of Integrated Arts and Sports

It trains talented professionals and leaders with integrated thinking who have the skills and characters, contribute to the development of education

Obtainable certificates

  • Music education instructor, music psychology improvement instructor, music sensitivity education instructor, art therapist, art psychological counselor, children's art instructor, performing arts instructor, life sports instructor level 2, health sports manager, youth sports instructor, senior sports instructor, lifeguard, first aid, etc.

The field of business/employment

  • Music: music and arts instructor, music therapist, life art instructor, life music planner
  • Art: art child care teacher, art psychotherapist, life art workroom, interior designer, illustrator
  • Sports: general hospitals, nursing hospitals, nursing homes, children's and youth psychological centers, counseling centers, start-ups (art planning, performance planning), private sports facilities or organizations, etc.
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