Health Administration Office

Health Administration Office

We protect and maintain the health of students, faculty, and members of the whole college.

Major activities in the health center
  • Medical care : The health conditions of students and staff who visit the public health center shall be check to determine what steps should be tacken to assist in medical aid.
  • Surgical treatment : Disinfection of simple trauma, anti-inflammatory for muscle joint pain.
  • Counseling and education : Student shall learn how to maintain a healthy life by consulting and educating various contents and life related to health.
  • Support : it supports for first aid drugs necessary for school events and provides small amounts of medicines for diseases and wounds of individuals falling under school health
  • Transfer : If a disease cannot be observed and treated in the health center, student shall be transferred to a nearby hospital.
  • InBody test : InBody test is conducted to analyze body components easily and accurately so that one can properly understand one's physical condition.
Location and hours of operation of the health
  • Capital center location : Building No. 9 (Lecture) 1F Health Administration Office
  • Operating hours : 09:00~18:00
  • InBody operation time : 09:30~16:30 (10 people/1 day)
Emergency medical treatment system

Emergency patients → First aid in the health center → Transfer to external specialized hospitals

School emergency services

Health Center in Health Administration Center 042-670-9630, Building No.9 (Lecture) 1F

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