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‘Highest grade’ in Tertiary Structure Reform Evaluation

In 2015 evaluated as Gread A, the highest grade, in the Tertiary Institution Structure Reform Evaluation

What is Tertiary Institution Structure Reform Evaluation?

This evaluation, implemented by the Ministry of Education, is a project targeting to reduce 160,000 from the quota of tertiary institution entry by 2022. According to the evaluation result, the reduction of the entry quota and restrictions in financial support by grade will be enforced.


place among 137 colleges nationwide

Daejeon Health Institute of Technology scored 98.17
A difference of 0.18 points from 1st place


Employment rate is competitiveness!

Successful employment going from incompleteness to completeness






The highest honor of college

Designated by the Ministry of Education World Class College

Designated by WCC(World Class College)

One of 7 colleges assigned WCC status in 2011 among 146 national, public and private colleges nationwide (Passed redesignation evaluation of WCC in 2014)


College appreciated and honored by students

  • Excellent College and State-supported investment by the Ministry of Education
    – Selected as a Specialization Project & Government financial support(2001~)
  • Awarded with Korea’s Most Admired College for 5 consecutive years(2012-2016)
    - Korea Management Association Consult
  • Ranked 1st on National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) in Daejeon region for 8 consecutive years (2007-2014)
    - Korea Productivity Center (KPC)
  • Accredited College by KAVE (2013)
    - Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education
  • Accredited Nursing Educational Organization (2009~present)
    - Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education
  • Certified for Maintenance training organizations for Nurses
    - Korean Nurses Association (KNA)