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"Cradle of Leaders of the 21st Century"

Daejeon Health Institute of Technology is dedicated to developing healthcare professionals to improve the public wellbeing in the modern society. In recognition of providing its students with customized education programs in practical environments, Daejeon Health Institute of Technology was selected to participate in a governmental project to improve the education system and develop education programs of international standards. By developing healthcare professionals that are highly sought after, Daejeon Health Institute of Technology makes a positive contribution to the welfare of the global and regional community.

Currently, 5,800 students are enrolled to develop competitive skills under the guidance of a team of highly experienced teaching staff in a modern learning environment. Moreover, the 50,000 graduates of Daejeon Health Institute of Technology are working as indispensible members of various industries in the society, including medicine and IT.

Daejeon Health Institute of Technology is recognized as the cradle of human resources of culture and ability developed through an advanced education system, which includes practical training through a network of the industrial, academic, governmental and civilian sectors as well as a range of volunteer activities. It is a dedicated developer of healthcare professionals and a provider of lifetime education.

Become all that you can be and more at Daejeon Health Institute of Technology.

Guidance to a Promising Future